What National Numbers Tell Us About the Local Market

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It's been said that for the vast majority of us, the most interesting news story each day is "What's for dinner?" What that means is that the most important things that happen in our lives happen within our homes. While national news may be intriguing, we are conditioned to be much more interested in where our bread is buttered (with apologies for the shameless pun).

The same follows when it comes to national trends in the housing market. Sure we push them out on Facebook and Twitter and occasionally make mention of them here on the GreatIowaHomes.com blog. But when it really comes down to it, the national trends just provide a view of the market from 10,000 feet. We can pull some helpful information on from the data on new home starts, existing home sales and the like, but those trends do little to inform our approach to helping buyers and sellers connect.

We pay much closer attention to the "conditions on the ground" in the communities we serve. Our agents are focused on developing a plan that will sell YOUR house based on its unique features and charms. They are committed to helping buyers navigate the process and find a home in the neighborhood they've always dreamed of living in. Sure, it's nice to hear on the news that the market is roaring back, but for us it's much less about the numbers and much more about the addresses - and the folks living in them - right here at home.

So if you're looking to get in the market as either a buyer or a seller, take what you hear on the evening news with a grain of salt. It's not until you visit with one of our agents that you can get a true view of what YOUR market holds.

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