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Friedrich Iowa Realty Wednesday's Best
November 6, 2013

Is it Wednesday already? You know that's our favorite day of the week! This Wednesday we share a variety of articles from across the internet that will help you get the most out of your home... and life.


Home Improvement
Easy Home Improvements to Improve Value: As opposed to expensive and time-consuming remodeling projects, home updates are simple homeowner tasks that can quickly increase a home’s marketability and value – especially helpful if you’re thinking about selling your home and you want to boost your bottom line. (via

Room by Room
Look Up - Ideas to Enhance Your Ceiling: They say it's the fifth wall, so next time you’re thinking about picking out a new color or hanging art, don't forget to look up. Here are five unique ideas that do everything from bringing high ceilings down to size to making a space feel brighter. (via

Market Pulse
Men vs. Women When it Comes to Home Buying:
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus — and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to home buying. Men and women are quite different when it comes to what they value most about home ownership and the process of buying and selling. (via

On the Market
The Most Expensive Zip Codes in the Country:
FORBES’ annual list of America’s Most Expensive Zip Codes is compiled with the help of Altos Research, a Mountain View, Calif.-based real-time real estate data firm. (via FORBES)

A Local Look
Links to Upcoming Friedrich Iowa Realty Open Houses:
See what we have to offer in the way of Open Houses during the next two weeks!

For Buyers
8 Tips for Buying Your First Home:
So we know that buying a home, in general, makes sense financially. We also know that it's a huge investment and can be very intimidating, particularly for first-time buyers. So how do we overcome this intimidation? (via Daily Finance)

For Sellers
Demystifying 5 Real Estate Superstitions: No matter how far civilization progresses, it never seems to outpace superstition.  (via

For Renters
15 Common Renters Rights:
You don't have to be expert in landlord-tenant law to protect yourself. Just brush up on your rights -- and read your lease before signing the dotted line. (via

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