You can change the property price, the mortgage term and the loan interest rate to compute a new monthly payment for your Iowa home loan!

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We know that securing affordable financing is an integral part of purchasing your new Iowa home. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out exactly how much you can afford to spend on your monthly loan payment, especially with the wide variety of home mortgage rates and terms on the market today.

That's why Friedrich Realty, located in Ames, Iowa, designed this simple, easy to use mortgage calculator. By using the calculator, you can easily adjust numbers to determine the right price point for your new Ames, Iowa home. Once you've found your ideal price range, contact Friedrich Iowa Realty to start looking at carefully selected Ames, Iowa homes that are tailored to your budget and your preferences.

Finding the right home mortgage is a vital part of the home buying process. But even if you have bad credit, a home loan for your new Iowa home is possible. Our Iowa real estate agents have worked with a variety of mortgage brokers, and your personal agent will be able to recommend options that fit your loan needs. Contact Friedrich Iowa Realty today to start working with your personal real estate agent, and you'll be moving into your Ames home in no time!